Here at Paruch Automotive, our passion is the design and construction of finely crafted beautiful automobiles. Weather your desire to build a truly unique bespoke custom car, or to replicate a rare exotic. We have the skills and the experience to make your dream a reality. Each project is custom tailored to our clients wishes with the highest level of quality and service in mind.

We utilize traditional coach building techniques backed by our years of experience restoring coachbuilt automobiles. Working with steel, aluminum, brass, and copper, we shape the metal over wooden body bucks until the shapes have been perfected. They are then installed onto the chassis, body cladding, and/or “Superleggera” tube structure.

If you wish to learn more about commissioning your own unique creation, contact for more details. Learn more about our current coachbuilding project below.

Strada Americana

Our current Coachbuilding project, aptly named Strada Americana an Italian inspired roadster is currently under construction at our shop in Appleton, Wi. Each car to be built to customer specifications. Drivetrain, color, wheels and interior are customizable, making it the perfect platform to express ones individuality. Pricing available upon serious inquiry, limited build slots available.

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